A couple of finishes

The first finish is one of my goals for my Finished is Better Than Perfect group at M*QC.  I started back in August 2015 as part of a class at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival.  The pattern is called Doubly Charmed and is by Deb Tucker using her V-block ruler.  It’s partner quilt is still a WIP.  The second picture is the back of the quilt.  Really loving the dot-to-dot quilting I did on this one for the centers.


The second finish is a project I started over the 4th of July holiday weekend when my mom came to stay with me.  We both bought jelly rolls and started jelly roll rugs.  Here is mine that I just finished last night.  If I ever do it again I think I’ll mix the colors up more and maybe buy the 2 1/2″ batting strips (they were very FUZZY to cut myself!).

JR Rug

Happy Quilting!!

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365 Challenge Quilt

Yay!  I’m finally caught up and able to do the promised post about my blocks for the 365 Challenge Quilt by Katherine Kerr.  I started this block-of-the-day in 2016 and got derailed about January by life events.  Then, I tried to pick it back up last summer and only got myself caught up to mid-April.  This year my goal is to get caught up, stay caught up, and finish the quilt with this year’s group of quilters.  I have included the pictures for all my blocks so far.  The blocks are 3 1/2″ or 6 1/2″ unfinished.  Some of the pieces are as small as 1″ unfinished.

Find Katherine Kerr’s website here.  You can also check out the Facebook group here.


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Saturday Sampler Progress

Nothing like a couple of rainy days to help you get a quilt top finished!  I’m happy that I’ll be able to show this one when the group starts meeting again in August.

This is my Second Saturday Sampler 17-18.  It’s from the book Turning Triangles by Brenda Henning.  My LQS did a block of the month with it.  I changed my quilt up by adding more blocks and doing the sashing a different way.

ASSS 17-18 Quilt Top

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En Provence!

Yay!  This one is finally pieced.  It is the En Provence mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter from 2016.  I’m absolutely loving how it came together and am pleasantly surprised by how all those scraps played together.

Here’s a link to her website where you can buy the pattern: En Provence Pattern

En Provence 3

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A year ago today…

So, just checked my blog stats tonight and realized that a year ago today I started this blog.  It’s definitely been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to more to come.  Thanks for reading!

Unfortunately…I don’t think my project number has gone down……….  😦

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Summer’s Here!!

Yay!!  All the quilting time I want–summer break is awesome!

First………a finish!!  I finally put the binding on the Snowballed Pinwheel and labeled it.

Next….block of the month updates:

Second Saturday Sampler

Second Saturday Sampler is now over for this year.  We have until August to get our quilts finished and bring them back to show them off.  I ended up redoing one of my blocks from an earlier month, so here are my last seven blocks:

Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet

These are going really well and I’m absolutely enjoying them.  Definitely a lot of pieces, but well worth the effort.  Here are my blocks from April and May:

Forest Floor BOM

I think this one might be my favorite BOM right now.  I’m just loving the fabrics I picked and how they are coming together.  Here are my blocks for April and May:

Finally…general quilting updates:

I’ve been working on quite a few different projects, including those for my Finished is Better Than Perfect M* group.  I am almost finished putting En Provence together–one last seam and then the final border.  I’ve also been working on my blocks for On Ringo Lake–I’ve got 11 done.  In May, I picked back up on my 365 Challenge Quilt started in 2016.  I am currently about 10 days behind and will be doing a separate post about those blocks.  I also have two more quilts on the projects list because my Geometry class did Tessellation quilts again.  They almost finished all of their blocks this year.

I’m hoping with summer being here that I’ll be able to post weekly, but we will see if that actually happens.  Until the next post, Happy Quilting!!

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Better late than never…

Hello my quilty followers!  Sorry for my long absence; life has been busy!  I’m sure yours has as well.  I’ve definitely been quilting since January, I just haven’t posted.  I’m ready to give some updates on my WIPs (though sadly no finishes–yet!).

On Ringo Lake

My mystery quilt is going well, I’m almost done with Clue 7.  I couldn’t resist after a few were done trying out the block, so here is my first On Ringo Lake block:

ORL First Block

Forest Floor

This block of the month has also been going well and I’m keeping up!  I’m really loving the color combinations I chose.  Here are the first five blocks:

Farm Girl Vintage

Yay! Another BOM, lol.  This one is also going well.  I’ve gotten behind a couple of times but am all caught up now.  I realized I haven’t shown any of these blocks either.

Second Saturday Sampler 17-18

I know, another one, right?  Apparently I love my block-of-the-month quilts.  I haven’t shown blocks for this one since August!  Ack!  Well, here you go…

Phew, that was a lot of picture resizing and uploading!  I have been working on some of my monthly goals for my Finished is Better than Perfect group, but haven’t really finished any since January.  Here’s hoping the summer will be more productive!

Happy Quilting!

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February Goals

Hello all!

This post is a little late, but better late than never!  For January, I ended up meeting one of my goals–getting the snowballed pinwheel pieced.  It is still being quilted, but it is getting closer.

My goals for February are piecing En Provence (Bonnie Hunter mystery from last year) and getting Doubly Charmed quilted (same goal as last month for FMQ).

Here are some pics of En Provence in progress:

#enprovencequilt  #quiltvillemystery

Happy Sewing!

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One step forward and two steps back…

Best news of the week…Constellation is done!


I’ve met my first January goal, and my Snowballed Pinwheel top is done!

Snowballed Pinwheel 2

It’s also on the machine getting FMQ’d.  I decided since it was smaller I would get it done before Doubly Charmed.

I’m really enjoying the new embroidery thread I’m trying out on it too–it’s Hemingworth PolySelect 40wt.  It’s got this really cool sparkle/shimmer to it that is actually making me like my snowballed pinwheel quilt.

All this finishing is good…..cause my friends talked me into joining two new BOMs.  I really think there should be a support group for quilters who like to start new projects and shouldn’t. 🙂  Oh well, life is short, you regret the things you don’t do more than the things you do.  Gotta enjoy what you can while you can.

The first quilt is a BOM from Timeless Treasures called Forest Floor through my LQS.  I’m excited to get the first block done–hopefully this weekend.  The moose panel has been in my stash for a while because I couldn’t figure out what to do with it.  So excited to get to use it.

Forest Floor selection

The second quilt is Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt also through my LQS.  It’s supposed to be scrappy, but I really don’t have a large enough scrap stash for it yet, so I pulled a bunch of FQs, some from my stash, some scraps, and a few new 1/4 yard cuts.  Hoping to get at least one block from our monthly four done this weekend.

Farm Girl selection

Still working on On Ringo Lake–almost done with clues 4 and 5.  Those flying geese take a while!

I’m off to sew, I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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January 2018 Goals

For the past two years I have participated in a UFO finishing group on the Missouri Star Quilt Company Forum.  This year the group is called Finished is Better Than Perfect.  The first year I think I might have finished 3?? projects.  Last year, I’m excited to say that I finished 12 projects/tops (only 10 completely finished quilts), but I’m pretty excited about that and looking forward to finishing more this year.

Each member makes a list of 12 UFOs that they would like to work on/finish in the coming year.  Then each month the group moderator posts a number for that month.  The goal is that you work on the project from your own list that matches that number.  I love how laid-back the group is though, no worries if you don’t finish that project or even get to work on it at all!  Life happens as they say. 🙂

This year I made two lists; a piecing list and a FMQ list.  Since I have different sewing machines dedicated to piecing and FMQ, and tend to switch back and forth, I thought this might be a good idea.  My projects for this month are a snowballed pinwheel quilt to piece and my Doubly Charmed quilt to FMQ.

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